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Once accepted as a volunteer with SA Ambulance Service, training is completed in three stages:

Studies throughout Block One will provide you with the basic skills and knowledge you will need to be able to work on the road as an Ambulance Responder under supervision of a qualified Ambulance Officer.

Studies throughout Block Two are designed to introduce you to the many SA Ambulance Service policies, procedures, practises and information designed to keep the patient, your partner and yourself safe at all times.

Block Three focuses on building ambulance craft and clinical leadership skills. This is vital, as you learn how to be an effective clinician. At the conclusion of Block Three you will be an Ambulance Officer and will be awarded the nationally accredited Certificate IV in Health Care (Ambulance).

You will also receive an Apply First Aid and Apply First Advanced First Aid certificate from SA Ambulance Service, a valuable addition to any resume and useful for external employment and studies.

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