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Duties & conditions

SA Ambulance Service appreciates that our volunteers have work, study, family and other commitments, so we try to make volunteering as easy as possible. When our volunteers are on-call, they are free to go about their usual activities as long as they stay within their town area. This ensures they are able to respond to emergencies as quickly as possible.


  • regular participation in the station operational roster to maintain a 24-hour ambulance service in your local community
  • providing emergency and non-emergency patient care and transport
  • transferring patients between hospitals and other facilities
  • participating in regular operational training and administrative duties
  • maintaining the vehicle and ambulance equipment.


  • professional indemnity and public liability insurance policies
  • insurance cover for all medical and related expenses as a result of injury caused by ambulance activity
  • free Ambulance Cover for you, your spouse or co-habiting partner, your children or legal dependents under the age of 18 and any children or legal dependents between the ages of 18 and 25 who are full-time students
  • reimbursement for expenses associated with volunteering such as travel, meals, child care and business costs if you are self-employed
  • legal services to support you if a claim is made against you as an ambulance volunteer
  • training and a uniform.


  • meet specific medical and fitness requirements to ensure they can handle the physical aspects of the role
  • retain a current, full driver’s licence
  • have criminal history checks
  • undergo training.
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