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Paramedics at planned events

While most enjoy the state’s reputation for planned events, there is a substantial amount of planning that must go in to it; not only for competitors but members of the public as well. Large events such as the Clipsal 500 Adelaide and Santos Tour Down Under take months of preparation so that the public can be certain that the ambulance service is ready and prepared. SA Ambulance Service also covers hundreds of public events each year including AFL matches and music concerts held around the state.

Events within SA Ambulance Service (SAAS) are either defined as a major event or a minor event. 

SAAS defines a major event as an event that may require the appointment of an event command team and multiple SAAS resources as part of our response to the event i.e. Tour Down Under, Clipsal and Schoolies Festival. 

SAAS defines a minor event as an event that does not require a SAAS command team and may require only a single ambulance crew or no crew at all i.e. Sea and Vines, Fringe Festival, concert events or smaller local events.

The majority of the events that take place across South Australia are considered minor events even though they may differ considerably in size, duration and the number of SAAS resources required.

SAAS requests that all event managers notify SAAS of their events, as we may require, at the very least, to notify our local operational management and crews of the nature of the event for operational awareness, potential road closures, access challenges etc. This can be done by the SAAS ‘Event Notification Form’. 

When do I need to make contact with SAAS?

Ideally, for all minor events, or should you wish SAAS to potentially attend your event, we should receive an ‘Event Notification Form’ a minimum of one (1) month prior to the date of the event.

It will take approximately one (1) week for SAAS to prepare an ‘Booking Request Form’, to confirm that SAAS attendance is possible, what costs will be associated with our attendance and conduct the necessary risk assessments.

The ‘Booking Request Form’ will then be forwarded to the event organiser for signing.

Upon receipt of the signed ‘Booking Request Form’ SAAS requires an additional two (2) weeks to organise the necessary vehicles and crews for the event. 


NOTE: While you may wish SAAS to provide a crew(s) for your event, SAAS cannot guarantee it can provide any resources as we will need to consider our legislated operational requirements as a priority.

Major Events are more complex and require considerable planning. SAAS requires a minimum of three (3) months notice. 


What do I need to let SAAS know?

You need to provide SAAS the following information:

  • Date(s) , times and event location 
  • Site access instructions and reporting location

  • Event type

  • Any other medical providers that will be onsite, including contact names and numbers

  • Expected number of participants

  • Expected crowd numbers (if applicable)

  • Any traffic restrictions or road closures

  • Event organiser(s) or key on site contact name, contact number and email address


What sort of costs are associated?

SAAS charges a minimum of eight (8) hours for the SAAS resources provided. This will include preparation and travel time to and from the event for the crews involved.

All quotes provided consist of a range of two values which are determined by calculating the cost of providing the required resources at paramedic level (cheapest) and the cost at ICP level (most expensive), as the actual qualification level of the crew who will attend the event cannot be dictated by the event managers and the ultimate configurations will not normally be known at the time of quotation.


Who do I need to contact at SAAS?

Contact SAAS planned events:  

If you would like to inform SAAS of your event but do not require SAAS attendance, please complete the Event Notification Form. If you would like to submit a booking request, please complete the Booking Request Form.
























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