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Ambulance fees

South Australia, as with some other states and territories in Australia, operates a user-pays ambulance service. Each state in Australia operates under a different ambulance fee structure and funding model. Under the South Australian Health Care Act 2008, SAAS has a statutory requirement to charge a fee for ambulance service provision.

This fee is based on the type of service provided, e.g. attendance with treatment but no transport, attendance with treatment and transport to/or from a hospital, surgery or other place. Where transport is provied, standard fees apply. Gazetted ambulance fees set in accordance with this legislation are updated each year.

SA Ambulance Service will invoice and recover monies for ambulance services relating to treatment and/or transport of persons except where:

  • The person holds a valid and current Ambulance Cover membership*
  • The service is for the initial attendance at a motor vehicle accident ^
  • Payment for the invoice is the responsibility of another party and such party has acknowledged responsibility for payment of the invoice.

The following ambulance fees table outlines categories and call out fees; current as of 1 July 2019:

GAZETTED FEES as of 1 July 2019

Emergency call out


Non-Emergency call out


Treat no Transport (flat rate)


Plus Kilometre charges



  • * Terms and conditions apply
  • ^  Registered Vehicle | Conditions may apply.

  • Emergency (road transport) - Emergency cases are tasked by the Emergency Operations Centre at the time of the call out. Cases are charged at the Emergency service fee.

  • Non-Emergency (road transport) - Non-Emergency cases are tasked by the Emergency Operations Centre at the time of call out. Cases are charged at the non-emergency service fee.


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