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Strategic Plan

Vision 2015

Vision 2015 provides a framework of goals, action statements and performance indicators linked to four key areas - service delivery, our people, leadership and community.

Defining the road ahead - Service Delivery Model (2008-15)

Defining the road ahead  presents a new vision for SA Ambulance Service, which outlines a framework for a future service delivery model designed to meet increasing demands for ambulance services.

This is the reform agenda currently being driven by SA Ambulance Service.

Defining the road ahead contains a number of key initiatives which will be implemented with the objective of putting SA Ambulance Service at the frontline of alternative health service options. It aims to reduce the traditional conveyance of patients to hospital emergency departments (EDs) via ambulance and move to treat more patients in their home and surrounds.

For more information, the Defining the road ahead - precis can be found here.

SA Health Strategic Plan

SA Ambulance Services strategic directions, as contained within Vision 2015, have been developed to contribute to the specific targets of South Australia's Health Care Plan 2007-2016 and more broadly to South Australia's Strategic Plan objectives.

The following targets are those SA Health strategic directions which most closely align with the core business of SA Ambulance Service.

1. Strengthen primary health care

1.1 Focus on health protection and health promotion.

1.2 Provide effective avenues for prevention and early intervention.

1.3 Facilitate effective coordination of continuity of care.

1.4 Minimise the burden of disease on the health system.

1.5 Provide appropriate services closer to where people live.



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