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Calling 000

Calling 000

What happens when you call triple zero (000)?

When you phone triple zero (000), a Telstra operator will answer your call and ask whether you need police, fire or ambulance. If you are calling from a mobile, you need to say you are calling from South Australia.

If you need an ambulance, the operator will put you directly through to one of our highly-trained emergency medical dispatch support officers in the SA Ambulance Service Emergency Operations Centre.

Stay calm, stay focused and stay on the line.

The emergency medical dispatch support officer will first ask you for some basic details, like your address, phone number and the patient’s condition. They will immediately assess your situation and, if necessary, will give you step-by-step first-aid instructions over the phone to help you.

Triple zero (000) is the only number to call in an emergency. By calling triple zero (000) you get immediate access to medical support.

While you are still on the line to the call-taker, an ambulance coordinator will already be dispatching the appropriate ambulance service resource for your condition.

Your information – including where you are and what your medical emergency is – is relayed to the paramedics/ambulance officers in the ambulance and this continues to be updated as they travel to you.

Paramedics and ambulance officers can provide life-saving treatment at the scene and safely transport you to hospital if needed.

Always call triple zero (000) in a medical emergency

Sadly, research has shown that many people do not call for an ambulance because they don’t know if their emergency is serious enough or they are afraid of the cost. If you are ever in doubt, please call triple zero (000). Someone’s life could depend on it.

The importance of calling triple zero (000): 

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